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De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant provides exquisite event catering options for your event.

With us, life can be like a party!

You can choose and plan your own serving from these ready-made dishes with the planned menu suggestions. The minimum billing amount for group menus is 15-50 people depending on the chosen party space.

One uniform set of menu is selected for the entire party.
We implement special diets as separate plate portions.


Buffet Menu De Summer

(available until 5.9.)


Citrus green salad and raspberry vinaigrette M,G
Greek salad L,G
Broccoli fennel salad M,G
Reindeer liver pate and cranberry jelly L,G
Blackcurrant gravlax and herbal cream L,G

Bread selection and house spread L

Choose one main dish:

Slow cooked lamb and rosemary red wine sauce,
spinach bean fry and garlic potato puree L,G


Roasted rainbow trout and dill butter sauce
spinach fennel fried and new seasons potato gratin L,G

Basque cheesecake and raspberry compote L,G
Coffee / tea

Menu price 58 € / person.
Special diets will be catered separately.


Menu de Fall-Winter

(available from 6.9.)

Root green salad and cranberry vinaigrette M,G
Blue cheese pear salad and dijon vinaigrette L,G
Early cabbage coleslaw and crispy pork flank M,G
Chanterelle salmon tartare and finnish archipelago bread L,G*
Marinated beetroot and goat cheese cream L,G

Main course (Choose one main dish):

Honey-glazed trout, autumn root vegetables stewed in butter,
potato artichoke puree and orange caper sauce L,G


Roasted corn chicken breast, cabbage stewed in cream,
herb-roasted potato and lingonberry sauce L,G


Crème brûlée and cloudberrry compote L,G
Coffee and Tea

Menu price 58 € / person.
Special diets will be catered separately.

De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Buffet Menu De Soup

Green salad and dressing M,G
Cold cuts plate: L,G
Smoked cheese, Emmental cheese,
Ham and turkey

Choose one:
Salmon soup L,G
Creamy game soup L,G

Bread selection
Creamy cheese L,G
Butter L,G

Strawberry cake L
Coffee and tea

Menu price 42 € / person


De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Buffet Menu De Salad

Green salad with vinaigrette M,G
Chicken pasta salad L
Caesar salad L

Smoked reindeer mousse and rye nachos L
Baguette and cream cheese L

Carrot cake L
Coffee and tea

Menu price 38 € / person

De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Wedding bells are ringing!

Please find suggestions for your dream wedding catering.

Weddings venue Oulu

Buffet Menu De Wedding

Roast beef and horseradish mayonnaise M,G
Melon green salad and strawberry vinaigrette M,G
Tomato mozzarella potato salad L,G
Serrano ham-quinoa salad L,G
Smoked salmon rillette and granny’s cucumber L,G

Bread selection M
Cream cheese and butter L,G

Choose one main course:

Parmesan gratin salmon and dill fennel pesto L,G
Lime Skåne potato L,G
Honey-roasted root vegetables M,G


Overcooked beef and beer onion sauce L,G
Herb potato M,G
Honey-roasted root vegetables M,G

Custom made wedding cake according to customer’s wishes
Coffee and tea

Wedding menu 65 € / person


L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free
G = Gluten free G*= Available gluten free V = Vegan V* =Available vegan

The prices include the venue hire and serving costs.


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De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


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