De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant provides exquisite event catering options for your event. Because sometimes life is a feast!

Buffet Menu De Kana

Pan fried halloumi cheese and melon L,G
Potato salad with smoked salmon M,G
Green salads M,G
Corned beef and marinated root vegetables M,G

Roasted chicken fillet M,G
Choose one:
Spicy chorizo sauce L,G
Tomato and goat cheese sauce VL,G
Red wine sauce M,G
Dark garlic sauce M,G
Choose two:
Thyme roasted potatoes M,G, Mash made of Nordic ”Puikula” potatos L,G, Fried rice M,G, Ratatouille M,G, Roasted root vegetables M,G

Bread selection
Sourdough bread M
Malted bread M
Cream cheese and butter L,G

Mud cake and minted cream L

40 € / person 

Buffet Menu De Keitto

Green salad and vinaigrette M,G
Cold cuts plate: L,G
Smoked cheese, Emmental cheese,
Cold smoked ham, Smoke-sauna cured ham

Choose one:
Creamy salmon soup L,G
Game soup L,G
Spicy chicken soup L,G

Bread selection
Karelian pasties M
Malted bread M
“Rieska” Finnish flatbread M
Whipped butter L,G
Egg and butter spread L,G

Cheesecake L

36 € / person

Buffet Menu De Liha

Peppered salmon pastrami M,G
Pasta salad with smoked cheese L
Green salad with vinaigrette M,G
Kale and carrot salad, pesto foam L,G
Couscous salad and yoghurt dressing L

Choose one M,G:
Smoke-sauna cured pork rib 45 € / person
Beef cheek 45 € / person
Overripe beef neck 49 € / person
Spring lamb shank 45 € / person

Choose two:
Thyme roasted potatoes M,G, Mash made of Nordic ”Puikula” potatos L,G, Roasted root vegetables M,G, Braised gabbage L,G

Choose one:
Red wine sauce M,G
Pepper and cognac sauce L,G
Dark garlic sauce M,G

Bread selection
Cream cheese L,G
Whipped butter L,G

Brita cake L,G

Price according to main course. 

Buffet Menu De Kiusaus

Roasted beet roots, pine nuts and rockets M,G
Mix green salads and figs M,G
Tomato and mozzarella salad L,G
Potato salad M,G

Choose one L,G:
Smoked reindeer and potato casserole
Salmon and potato casserole
Ham and potato casserole
Vegetable casserole (available M,G)

Bread selection
Rustic wheat bread M
Rye bread M
“Rieska” Finnish flatbread M
Whipped butter L,G

Yogurt panna cotta with marinated berries L,G

31 € / person

Weddings venue Oulu

Wedding bells are ringing!

Please find suggestions for your dream wedding catering:

Buffet Menu De Häät

Cold smoked salmon tartar and malted bread M
Raw salt-marinated beef, pomegranate and red onion chutney M,G
Citrus marinated chicken fillet with pesto foam L,G
Smoked cheese – green salad with nuts L,G
Potato salad with herbs M,G

Bread selection M
Cream cheese and butter L,G

Glow-fried salmon M,G
Crispy lemon smashed potatoes L,G
Honey glazed beet roots M,G


Chuck eye roll in dark herb sauce M,G
Hasselbackas’s potatoes L,G
Honey glazed beet roots M,G

Dessert selection or
Wedding cake according to Your wishes

Wedding menu example 56 € / person + cake 6 € / person

Buffet Menu De Häät II

Smoked salmon and rye canapés M
Pastrami and pomegranate red onion chutney M,G
Cold smoked beef wrap L,G
Potato salad M,G
Cold smoked salmon  – artichoke terrine L,G
Mix green salad M,G
Oat and vegetables M
Peltolan Blue cheese and walnut canapés L,G

Karelian pasties M and egg and butter spread L,G
Sourdough bread M and cream cheese L,G
Rye bread M and butter L,G

Dessert selection or
Wedding cake according to Your wishes

Cold buffet example 50 € / person + cake 6 € / person

L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free
G = Gluten free G*= Available gluten free V = Vegan V* =Available vegan

These rates apply when the order is for at least 10 people (minimum). The prices include the venue hire and serving costs.

Or something else?

We are glad to offer event and conference packages that are tailor-made specifically for you.