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De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant provides exquisite event catering options for your event.
Because sometimes life is a feast!


Buffet Menu De Fall-winter


Fresh green salad with cranberry vinaigrette M,G
Honey roasted seasonal vegetables with herb smetana L,G
Marinated red onion  M,G
Meat pâté with lingonberry jelly M,G
Bread selection and house butter L

Choose one main course:

Overcooked veal neck in bay leaf sauce.
Potato purée, beetroot, carrot and kohlrabi. L,G


Fried rainbow trout with dark dill sauce.
Bolete potatoes and seasonal vegetables L,G


Apple panna cotta and gooseberry jam L,G
Coffee / tea

Menu price 57 € / person.
Special diets will be catered separately.

De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Buffet Menu De Soup

Green salad and dressing M,G
Cold cuts plate: L,G
Smoked cheese, Emmental cheese,
Cold smoked ham, Smoke-sauna cured turkey

Choose one:
Salmon soup L,G
Creamy game soup L,G

Bread selection
Cream chees L,G
Whipped butter L,G

Cheese cake L
Coffee and tea

42 € / person

De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Buffet Menu De Salad

Green salad with vinaigrette M,G
Chicken pasta salad L
Caesar salad L

Smoked reindeer mousse and rye nachos L
Baguette and cream cheese L

Carrot cake L
Coffee and tea

38 € / person

De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Wedding bells are ringing!

Please find suggestions for your dream wedding catering.

Weddings venue Oulu

Buffet Menu De Wedding

Cold smoked salmon tartare with malt bread L
Beef pastrami and red onion compote M,G
Citrus marinated chicken fillet with pesto L,G
Nutty green salad with smoked cheese L,G
Herb potato salad M,G

Bread selection M
Cream cheese and butter L,G


Choose one main course:
Blazed salmon M,G
Herb potato gratin L,G
Roasted vegetables M,G


Overcooked beef with Madeira sauce M,G
Dijon potatoes M,G
Roasted vegetables M,G


Custom made wedding cake according to customer’s wishes
Coffee and tea


Wedding menu 65 € / person


L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free
G = Gluten free G*= Available gluten free V = Vegan V* =Available vegan

The prices include the venue hire and serving costs.

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De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


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