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Lunch restaurant Oulu - De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant
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De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


We welcome you to this wooden Art Nouveau villa to enjoy some peace, quiet and delicious food among the beautiful ceramic tiled stoves and log walls.

Mon – Thu 17.00 – 21.00

Fri – Sat 16.00 – 22.00





Forest Mushroom (L,G) 12€
Forest mushroom cappuccino, deep-fried root vegetable, mocha foam Parisienne

Tartare (L,G) 14€
Beef tartare, egg yolk gel, capers, Dijon mayonnaise

“HEMmet Delicacies “ (L,G*) 18€
Salmon pastrami, smoked salmon mousse with salmon roe, smoked horsemeat roast beef from the ”Viskaali” farm, Brie cheese, pumpkin sauce, lingonberry ketchup

Local speciality (L) 14€
Thyme-butter seared blood pudding, roasted pork rib, browned butter, puree made of Nordic potato

Madame Fiia’s Salad (G,V*) 14€
Selected salad greens of the season, deep-fried autumn cabbage, Brie cheese, yoghurt

Escargot (L,G*) 12 €
Garlic butter gratinated escargots, rustic bread


Whitefish (L,G) 29€
Whitefish tournedos with redcurrant vinaigrette, local “Siikli” potato, onion and butter

Trout (L) 29€
Charred trout with rye meringue, crab and white wine sauce, local “Siikli” potato, onion and butter

Reindeer (L,G) 33€
Reindeer shank with” lingonberry sausage”, rosemary foam, dark wine sauce, potato timbale

Pepper Steak (L,G) 39€
Premium beef tenderloin steak from the “Viskaali” farm, foamed pepper cream, dark wine sauce, potato timbale

Pork (L) 26€
Beer sauce braised overripe pork, pumpkin compote, yoghurt, “semolina polenta”

Pumpkin (L,V) 18€
Pumpkin croquettes, deep-fried celery, honey yoghurt, “semolina polenta”

All our meat and fish are Finnish.


”Tiger cake” (L) 9€
Sponge cake, chocolate and vanilla pudding, milk chocolate cream, chocolate à la maison

Apple crumble (L,G) 9€
Cinnamon meringue crusted apple crumble, cardamom ice cream

Dessert Palette à la De Gamlas Hem (L) 13€
Sponge cake with roasted white chocolate mousse, 2cl cognac or liquer and espresso

Ice cream (L,G) 6€
Our own ice creams, please ask for today’s selection


Children’s courses (under 12 yrs) – 50 %


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L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free
G = Gluten free G*= Available gluten free V = Vegan V* = Available vegan

Book a table:  tel. +358 75 325 7600 or info(at)degamlashotel.fi

Book meeting facilities: sales(at)degamlashotel.fi or tel. +358 75 325 7605