De Gamlas Hem sisällönjakaja


Cozy and delicious! The ideology behind our charming and atmospheric restaurant is based on our very own vision that combines modern cuisine with De Gamlas Hem’s traditions. We favour seasonal produce as well as the best local products. Just like a hundred years ago, the dining hall is still “wonderfully suited for entertaining guests”. One can imagine the pilots of the Swedish F19 regiment being served here during the World War II.

We welcome you to this wooden Art Nouveau villa to enjoy some peace, quiet and delicious food among the beautiful ceramic tiled stoves and log walls.

We do not serve dinner because of lock down



Burbot soup
Creamy burbot soup, malt bread with vendace roe butter

Whitefish roe, sour cream, red onion (L) 17€
Smoked reindeer mousse, fermented cucumbers, marinated red onion (L) 15€

Pheasant (L, G) 14€
Pheasant galantine filled with spinach and pistachio, corn puree, pickled mushrooms, green pea sauce

Madame Fiia’s Salad
(L, G, M*, V*) 12€
Salad and vegetables of the season, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, balsamic syrup

Escargots (L, G*) 13€
Sour cream and blue cheese gratinated escargots, rustic bread


Whitefish (L, G) 31€
Panfried whitefish, lemon-potato puree, butter and beurre blanc

Cep (L, G, V*) 22€
Cep risotto

Pork cheek (L, G) 28€
Overripe pork cheek, root vegetable rösti, apple and Calvados sauce

Reindeer (L, G) 34€
Roasted reindeer sirloin, herb-potato cake, cranberry-game sauce

Pepper steak (L, G) 39€
Beef tenderloin steak (200 g) from the Viskaali farm, herb-potato cake, creamy pepper sauce

Our staff will be happy to tell you about the origin of our meat and fish products.


(L) 12€
Financier cake, milk chocolate mousse, salted caramel

Salty Liquorice (L, G) 10€
Salty liquorice pannacotta, raspberry sorbet, meringue

Ice cream (L, G) 6€
Our own ice creams, please ask for today’s selection

Children’s courses (under 12 yrs) -50%


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L = Lactose free VL = Low lactose M = Dairy free
G = Gluten free V = Vegan V* = Available vegan